Offset Your Personal Water Footprint with the status of Water Neutrality.

What is a Personal Water Footprint?

The average Californian uses 85 gallons of water each day for drinking, cooking, cleaning, and gardening. In one year, that’s 31,025 gallons per person.

How do you become Water Neutral?

When you buy Water Offsets from farmers who have saved water, you effectively neutralize your water footprint.

What is The Alfalfa Project?

The Alfalfa Project is helping farmers save billions of gallons—now available to you— with their efficient irrigation systems and efficient crop management program.

What’s a Water Offset?

The Alfalfa Project is reducing alfalfa farmers’ water consumption by 47%, and that equals billions of gallons of water saved each year that you can buy to offset your use.

Where does my money go?

Proceeds go to alfalfa farmers in the TAP program and support future water conservation projects.

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