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California Impact Architects

California Impact Architects
CIA is working with TAP and utilizing a patent pending method for project finance that will produce economic, environmental and social impacts for the San Joaquin Valley in California.

California Impact Architects (CIA) has been working with The Alfalfa Project (TAP) and has developed a unique project finance mechanism for farmers. 

The patent pending method for project finance uses capital pooling from multiple and diverse sources to provide the collateral for banks to make the technology loans to the farmers.

There are substantial environmental and social impacts that will result when the goal of all 235,000 acres are converted to Precision Alfalfa Management.  The  largest environmental impact will be saving over 300 billion gallons of water annually.

Alfalfa is a legume with a deep root structure that sequesters carbon in its roots.  With PAM’s proven yield average of 12 to 13 tons per acre per year being over the state average of 6.8 tons per acre per year, significant additional oxygen is generated and released. And, there are more efficient procedures to reduce the energy and fuel needed to produce the alfalfa.  

There are both economic and social impacts that are good for the farmer and local communities in terms of  jobs, land values, aquifer sustainability, and the dairy industry that needs a stable and sustainable feed stock for its supply chain.

CIA is working with multiple and diverse partners to pool the capital. Partners will include companies in the dairy supply chain, industry cooperatives, impact investors, government, non-profits, foundations and individuals as well as traditional capital sources.

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