What is SubSurface Drip Irrigation (SDI)?

Subsurface drip irrigation allows for water and fertilizer to be spoon fed directly to the alfalfa plant root system.  Underground drip tape, originally invented in Israel, delivers a uniform application of water and fertilizer by controlling hydraulic pressure throughout the entire system.

SDI is scientifically proven as the most efficient irrigation method and it gives farmers the more control than any other method.  The water use application efficiencies are the highest.  

For the alfalfa crop, the dry down for harvest is the shortest as is the irrigation turn around period. This results in an even harvest each cut. With SDI the ground surface is never wet and the soil profile is never over saturated if proper irrigation techniques are used.  This makes for a very healthy environment for the alfalfa tops and crowns. The result is reduced pest and disease pressures and a stand that will last 2-4 more years than both sprinkler and flood irrigation.

Michael Burney